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Ensuring Safe Driving

Driving is something most of us do every day between going to work, pleasure, running the kids here and there....Practice Safety!

Before you put the key in the ignition, buckle up! Not only is it the law but it can save your life in an event of an accident. Ensure you are well-rested and avoid taking medications that can make you drowsy. Never operate a vehicle if you are impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Stay alert and focused at all times. Obey the rules of the road but also be prepared for potential hazards and remain aware of other drivers on the road. Stay alert and don't get distracted by adjusting the radio, eating or drinking, making phone calls or texting.

Avoid aggressive driving situations. Plan ahead for traffic to allow yourself enough travel time. Avoid high-traffic areas if possible. Keep your cool and stay focused during congested roadways. No one likes sitting in traffic. Don't take other drivers actions personally.

And last but not least, keep your vehicle maintained like your brakes, tires, windshield wipers. Taking care of your vehicle plays a major part in keeping you safe on the road.

At Doug's Pro Lube you can always stop in for a FREE check over. We want to keep our customers safe!


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