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Holiday Travel?

Holidays are a time for family and fun! A well planned road trip can help your celebration go smoothly. Start with these tips for a delightful and stress-free experience on the road.

1. Prepare your vehicle Is your car in good working order and up to date on maintenance? Check the fluid levels, tire pressure, lights, and wipers. Better yet, come by Doug's Pro Lube and we will do a FREE winter check over.

2. Pack the essentials

Make a list ahead of time so you aren't scrambling at go time! Essentials include inflated spare tire, emergency road kit, basic first aid kit, snacks, water, blankets, and phone chargers. For added fun, prepare a couple of road trip games.

3. A clean car is a safe car

Have you tried looking through a dirty windshield? Clean windows and wipe off your headlights. Maybe you need to have your headlights cleaned at Doug's Pro Lube.

4. Be prepared for anything

Basic tools can be stored in your trunk, including gloves, flashlights, jumper cables, wheel wrench, and jack.


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