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What to Pack? Your Emergency Road Kit

Winter weather is never know where or when your car could break down. Be prepared so you are equipped for the situation.

Jumper Cables: This is number 1 on what to pack. If you or anyone else has a dead battery it will be a quick fix!

Flares or Reflectors: If your vehicle breaks down at night or in low visibility, you want to set up flares or reflectors protect yourself and your car.

Toolkit: A lot of stores sell compact toolkits without the big price tag. This will have your essential tools. At the very least make sure you have the essential tools to change a tire.

First Aid Kit: Being able to treat minor cuts and scrapes after an accident is essential. Throw in a few pieces of hard candy in case you or a passenger has diabetes.

Bottled Water and Snacks: If you have to wait for help very long, you be glad to have these. It's also important to stay hydrated.

Blanket: If it's cold outside, you will be glad to stay warm while waiting for help. You might also want to throw in some gloves, an extra jacket, and some disposable warming packets.

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